Shaadi HD was born when the team were looking at some family wedding videos and felt they could do better. Blending the traditional and a cutting edge, modern approach creates the best of both worlds, whilst still recording the emotions of a very special day. Shaadi HD recognises how important it is to create that unique blend and vision.

Unlike many wedding videographers, the Shaadi HD team have a full-time team of staff. They have well over a decade of experience since the company was launched in 1999. The cinematographers are also expert film editors, so the same people who shoot the footage also carry out the editing so they know exactly who is who - and understand the relationships and importance of each person.

To create this cinematic style for wedding films, the equipment stays ahead of the wave with cutting edge technology, using the same equipment used by the feature film industry. With in-house editing every client gets a bespoke service.

Shaadi HD's skill and professional results have resulted in them being featured in international publications. Magazines have been particularly interested in their innovative approach and the fact that they've embraced new technology to create memorable, imaginative and feature film quality footage.

If this sounds like the kind of team you want to record your special day - you can be sure that your wedding film will be as individual and unique as you and your partner. Take a look at some of the shorts from Shaadi HD - and then call us on 020 7701 0600 to design the story of your special day.

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