ISPWP – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers – acceptance.

This week i received an awesome news, my acceptance to the ISPWP the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

Here is some details taken from the ISPWP site.


Quite simply, the best wedding photographers in the world

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers is a rarity among online wedding photography directories. We’re small. We’re exclusive. We’re picky. We are a worldwide group of top professional wedding photographers who have the experience, talent, and reputation to deliver outstanding wedding photography to our clients.

When you hire an ISPWP photographer, you are hiring with confidence because every member has met our high standards for membership:

Members must have shot at LEAST 50 weddings as a lead or solo wedding photographer. Many of our members have shot hundreds of weddings. Some of our members are Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists. Some of them serve as teachers and mentors for new wedding photographers. All of them are market leaders and are have been dedicated to their craft for years. Wedding photography is not a field where you want your photographer to be learning on-the-job. When you hire an ISPWP photographer, you know you’re hiring the solid experience of a true professional who has delivered quality results week after week, year after year.

Members must have their website and online portfolio reviewed and approved by a committee of ISPWP members. We look at representative samples from at least three weddings to get a sense of how a photographer sees, thinks, and captures the events of the whole day. As wedding photographers, we look at wedding pictures every day. Most of us are involved in online communities of photographers so we are exposed to thousands of professional wedding photos every year. When a photographer is accepted into the ISPWP, you can be sure they have received a seal of approval from their fellow wedding photographers.

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